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What to expect


On Sunday you'll find the music is a blend of new songs and hymns. Whether it's a song that just released or a hymn that's been sung for hundreds of years we believe worship music should be rich in good theology and rooted in God's Word. It's important to us that we worship and glorify God through music, to focus our eyes on Him and not ourselves.


We believe that preaching can contain many themes, lessons, and ideas, but that all preaching should be grounded in the Word of God and centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Preaching is more about Christ than it is about ourselves. Here at OB Community, our goal in preaching is to point you to God and how to become a person who also points to God in all areas of life. 


At OB Community we believe it's important to be a group of people that can be honest, transparent and encouraging to one another in Christ. The Bible is clear that we're not meant to go through life on our own but are created to experience community first with God and second with others. We carry each other's burdens, we pray for one another, we cry together and we laugh together. We as a group of believers help each other grow in Christ by living out the Gospel toward those inside and outside the church.

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