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The life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus. We believe it's important for students to know the depths and riches of the Gospel for there is nothing more vital in one's life and future than this.


Theology is any belief or statement about God! We want to make sure our that our students have beliefs about God that are grounded in the Bible so that no matter what may come their way they can stand firm in the Word and who they know God to be through it.


Our student's generation is being bombarded with atheism and relativism and we believe that our students can have a faith that isn't just based on personal experience, but that can also be shown to be objectively true. We teach that it is REASONABLE to be a Christian and that Christianity best explains the world that we live in!


As important as it is to have head knowledge of God it is equally important to put that knowledge into practice. Here we teach through the Bible on how we ought to live in light of the Gospel in our lives and what that looks like.

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