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Our story

          Our church was founded in 1950 as Orange Beach Baptist Church and later became known as First Baptist Church. A whole lot has changed over the last 60+ years, but one thing that has not changed is our mission to reach the community of Orange Beach. Over the years, our church has seen many victories as well as its share of struggles. Two of the most difficult struggles for our church happened in January and February of 2017. On January 31, 2017, our church suffered a terrible fire that destroyed the sanctuary and caused the rest of the building to be unusable. Despite the loss, under the leadership of Pastor John Price, the church continued with services in the original chapel. Just three weeks later, Pastor John (pastor for 17 years) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

          This was a tremendous loss for his family, our church and this community. Pastor John’s leadership over the years and the foundation that he helped lay led to the church being able to carry on after such tragic losses. Our church began to change dramatically in the months that followed. God was moving and our church began to look and act like a different church.

          In August of 2017, our church called Brandon Moore to be the Pastor. He, along with our Youth and Music Minister, Dakota Stead, has led our church through several changes. One of these changes is our new name, Orange Beach Community Church. We felt a name change was appropriate because we have changed and endured so much that we needed a new identity and a fresh start. We want to be a church that is invested in our community and striving to see people’s lives forever changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope that you will consider being a part of our church as we reach this community.

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